CEC Propulsion Delivery System




Beyond using the proper amount of water and the right spray nozzles, the efficient delivery of high quality nutrients onto leaf surfaces for foliar absorption can be influenced by many variables such as concentration of the nutrient (% of actual metal), the chemical form of the nutrient (sulfate, chloride, chelate, etc.), combination and ratios of nutrients as well as the many conditioners and additives that aid the absorption process.


Crop Excellence® Catalyst or CEC™ is a combination of proprietary technologies that enhance nutrient use efficiency and facilitate foliar uptake by modifying the permeability of cell membranes and conditioning the plant’s physiology to take-in and mobilize the nutrients received.


The movement of nutrients through the leaf cuticle and into the plant tissue to gain access to the xylem and phloem, is not always a simple process.  However, with the use of CEC™, the natural defensive nature of the cell membranes that are designed to keep moisture in the plant and keep foreign matter out can be influenced by the presence of plant-based carbon sources constitute a signal to the cells, making the accompanying nutrients recognizable and consequently they are thus are allowed to enter through the cell wall into the plant tissue.  It stands to reason then that with CEC™, even at reduced nutrient rates we can achieve adequate leaf concentrations due to the higher uptake efficiency and translocation capability.


The effect of CEC™ on the speed of uptake and translocation is important as it prevents accumulation of high concentrations of a single nutrient in the areas where spray droplets land and allows movement to the growing points (flowering/fruiting meristems) that are typically the areas of greatest nutrient demand.


This speed of uptake is correlated to the physiological status of the plant, where, for example, a plant that is under stress is less likely to take up foliar nutrients and translocate them quickly.  Components of CEC™ reduce stress and provide the internal homeostatic balance to keep the plant physiologically active and growing, with positive solute movement for incorporation into the photosynthesis and respiration processes that allow for energy storage as carbohydrates.


By combining the natural carbon sources with components that alleviate stress and physiologically predispose the plant to receive nutrients and incorporate them into their functionality, CEC™ is the premier nutrient delivery/propulsion system that allows for lower rates to achieve optimized nutrient levels in the target crops.