Grow with Crop Excellence in 2020!

At Carolina Eastern Crop Excellence®, we believe that adjuvants and nutritionals are value added and can be the simple solution to many on the farm problems.  Our goal is for your farm to thrive, to help you mediate risk, make spray applications easier, more effective and see an attractive rate of return on your investment.

PINCER® PLUS | Above + Below Ground Protection Nitrogen Stabilizer

NPBT/DCD is a combination of two proven nitrogen additives for below and above ground enhancement of nitrogen from urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) and urea fertilizers. NBPT/DCD contains NBPT to minimize loss of nitrogen due to volatility from urea and DCD to minimize loss of nitrogen due to nitrification. NPBT/DCD keeps more nitrogen in the soil, available to the crop, and in a more desirable form for improved use of the nitrogen applied to your crop.

Nitrogen Management