Grow with Crop Excellence in 2020!

At Carolina Eastern Crop Excellence®, we believe that adjuvants and nutritionals are value added and can be the simple solution to many on the farm problems.  Our goal is for your farm to thrive, to help you mediate risk, make spray applications easier, more effective and see an attractive rate of return on your investment.

Register® X-TREME®| Highly Refined Crop Oil Concentrate

REGISTER® X-TREME® is a superior blend of highly refined paraffinic crop oil and non-ionic surfactants designed for use with a broad range of pesticides where a concentrated crop oil adjuvant is recommended. The addition of this product to the spray tank utilizes the penetrating, non- evaporating properties of a paraffinic crop oil and the wetting and dispersing characteristics of a surfactant blend. When used as directed,REGISTER® X-TREME® increases the activity of herbicides by aiding in the deposition, absorption and retention of active ingredients on leaf and stem surfaces. Therefore, care must be taken in treating crops during periods when plants are subjected to drought stress, high temperatures, and high humidity. NOT FOR AQUATIC USE IN WASHINGTON STATE.

Adjuvant Surfactants