Grow with Crop Excellence in 2020!

At Carolina Eastern Crop Excellence®, we believe that adjuvants and nutritionals are value added and can be the simple solution to many on the farm problems.  Our goal is for your farm to thrive, to help you mediate risk, make spray applications easier, more effective and see an attractive rate of return on your investment.

Undertow® 0-0-3 | Field Ready CEC

UNDERTOW® is a foliar spray adjuvant and fertilizer additive to enhance nutrient availability and uptake and improve pesticide performance effectiveness and consistency. UNDERTOW® is a field-ready version of Crop Excellence® Catalyst or CEC™ and is plant safe and a compatible combination of proprietary technologies that enhance nutrient use efficiency and facilitate foliar uptake of nutrients and agricultural chemicals, including,but not limited to pesticides, by modifying the permeability of cell membranes and conditioning the plant’s physiology to take-in and mobilize the spray application received. UNDERTOW® is intended to be used in conjunction with a regular fertilizer program and standard recommended agricultural practices.

Adjuvant Utilities